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At Orchard Valley Heating and Cooling, we pride ourselves on being one of the contractors surfing the wave of technology for our client's benefit. We are the front runners in radiant heating, variable speed ducted air systems, air quality control, and energy management systems (using both technology and "green" building principals).  The tools we utilize to keep your home comfort system at the peak of performance would make Inspector Gadget green with envy! Advanced home comfort begins with the comfort experts of Orchard Valley Heating and Cooling.


Your Neighborhood Home Contractor

Choosing a HVAC contractor should be considered with the same intensity and determination as finding a doctor for an important procedure - not just anyone will do in this circumstance.  Your home's comfort system is an investment and its care should be given to a trusted and capable firm that uses state of the art diagnostics and knowledge to maintain the integrity of its operation. Modern heating and cooling systems must be treated as such- modern and advanced appliances requiring modern and advanced tools for their maintenance. It is impossible to expect efficient operation and longevity without the necessary tools and training of the trade.

Notable Credentials

  • North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certified in 6 categories of HVAC service and installation
  • 3 Connecticut mechanical licenses
  • 3 Massachusetts mechanical licenses
  • expansive truck inventory for quick repairs
  • Propress fitting systems for longevity and leak free installations
  • advanced air quality testing using laser measuring devices for particle concentration
  • award winning designs
  • guest author for several industry magazines
  • designs featured in numerous magazines and publications over the past decade
  • design featured in Water Furnace (geothermal systems) annual calendar
  • Massachusetts certified by the utility company for their "QIV" (quality installation verification) program
  • thermal imaging cameral use for advanced home diagnostics and trouble shooting
  • Honeywell service assistant HVAC instrument used to certify our cooling system installations
  • Testo digital combustion analysis of our central heating systems to assure the most efficient operation possible
  • Testo air balancing / testing instrumentation
  • carbon monoxide testing
  • advanced air flow measuring and duct system analysis

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Awards and Certifications

Orchard Valley Heating and Cooling has been recognized as one of the industry leaders in residential heating and cooling design / installation for the past 23 years. We have been awarded the coveted “Quality Home Comfort Award”, presented by Contracting Business Magazine, a record eleven times and the Radiant Professional Alliance “System Showcase Award” for radiant design excellence three times. Although Trophies look great in the office, the importance behind the award is what is special to us. Our clients have chosen our services to improve the comfort within their homes and these unique designs have been validated by our peers to be the highest quality and best design in the nation. Orchard Valley Heating and Cooling is YOUR resource for world class HVAC with the hometown charm of a “Father / Son” family business!



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