Heating the Orchard Valley way

Need some help figuring out what is wrong with your system or how to start out on the right foot?  Once again, you have come to the right resource.  Most of the work that I do over the course of a year is "clean up" work, coming in to make things right.  It would certainly be more cost effective to have an installation right the first time but problems do crop up and sometimes someone new has a better perspective on the issues.  Due to the uncertain nature of construction and contractors, consulting and design assistance is a large part of what I do.  


Home Heating Overview

  • Every project begins with a site review / plan review and a detailed heat loss / gain calculation to determine the required size of the heating paint (furnace or boiler)
  • New home or renovation dialogs start with your "wish list" for home comfort needs (radiant, geothermal, etc.) and is refined through a series of meetings, budget proposals, emails and more. This "design/build" approach provides a great platform to educate and share specifics regarding home comfort system design and helps facilitate the process to get you to a comfortable budget and design quickly
  • We offer only the best products and manufacturers available in the industry
  • Our approach is very detailed and our methods for design and installation among the very best in practice
  • Vast experience adding radiant floor, wall, ceiling and panels to enhance the comfort in your home
  • We're hydro-air specialists, blending boiler based hot water heat with ducted warm air systems
It’s simple. When it’s time to turn on the heat, it’s time to call Jim at Orchard Valley to take care of my home and family.
— Nick M. (Northampton, MA)

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Awards and Certifications

Orchard Valley Heating and Cooling has been recognized as one of the industry leaders in residential heating and cooling design / installation for the past 23 years. We have been awarded the coveted “Quality Home Comfort Award”, presented by Contracting Business Magazine, a record eleven times and the Radiant Professional Alliance “System Showcase Award” for radiant design excellence three times. Although Trophies look great in the office, the importance behind the award is what is special to us. Our clients have chosen our services to improve the comfort within their homes and these unique designs have been validated by our peers to be the highest quality and best design in the nation. Orchard Valley Heating and Cooling is YOUR resource for world class HVAC with the hometown charm of a “Father / Son” family business!



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