Now Available: The Cookbook of Comfort

After 5 long years of arduous writing, I have finally wrapped up the "cookbook" and it is now available for purchase.

So, what is the cookbook all about? In a nutshell, it is a blueprint I have developed to design my award winning HVAC systems and replacements. It focuses on my personal approach to selling, marketing ,and above all- designing quality home comfort systems that provide world class results. I have written this educational journal to assist the homeowner, builder,, architect , and HVAC professional get from point A to completion!  You won't be disappointed.

Topics Include

  • radiant floor heating
  • boiler designs
  • solar notes
  • geothermal home comfort examples
  • air conditioning concepts
  • radiant wall panel reviews
  • air quality improvements for added home comfort
  • "the four factors of comfort"- my personal recipe for successful home comfort designs
  • everything I use to sell and design my trademark HVAC systems!