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I read a sign in a client's office several years ago that read "the sweetness of low price is soon overshadowed by the bitterness of poor quality". There is no magical formula that can turn a quality home conditioning system into a bargain. "Sticker shock" is a medical condition I see all too often when I meet with clients to discuss budget numbers. The value of installing quality the FIRST time is often understated. I have performed numerous replacements this past year for clients that have built homes within the past 5-8 years, often replacing boilers, air conditioners, ducting and furnaces that did not hold up under normal use. If only the builder or HVAC contractor had spent the time and effort to stress the importance of a quality installation before the substandard equipment was installed in the first place. If you are still in the decision making stages of a project, Orchard Valley Heating and Cooling has the resume that will help make your investment last.


Services and Specialties Overview

  • Geothermal heating and cooling design and installation - several of these installations have won awards
  • Radiant floor snowmelt specialist
  • Mini split / ductless heating and cooling
  • Indoor air quality specialist - several speciality tools and meters to access IAQ problems and offer many products for advanced filtration, mold and microbial removal and prevention, odor removal and more
  • Standard boiler and furnace installations
  • Indoor pool HVAC specialist - design to installation phases
  • Custom duct air distribution systems for heating, cooling and ventilation
  • Advanced service, troubleshooting and system maintenance
Jim has been a great business associate over the years. Whenever I have an issue Jim give’s us a fair price and always top notch service. Thanks Jim.
— Peter T. (Leads, MA)

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Awards and Certifications

Orchard Valley Heating and Cooling has been recognized as one of the industry leaders in residential heating and cooling design / installation for the past 23 years. We have been awarded the coveted “Quality Home Comfort Award”, presented by Contracting Business Magazine, a record eleven times and the Radiant Professional Alliance “System Showcase Award” for radiant design excellence three times. Although Trophies look great in the office, the importance behind the award is what is special to us. Our clients have chosen our services to improve the comfort within their homes and these unique designs have been validated by our peers to be the highest quality and best design in the nation. Orchard Valley Heating and Cooling is YOUR resource for world class HVAC with the hometown charm of a “Father / Son” family business!



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